Mind Corrections
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Mind Corrections is a cutting edge toolkit of energy-informational technologies. With it's help, you will be able to remove and neutralize all negative impacts on your consciousness and Soul in the realm of this life,

the realm of the genus, the realm of your Soul realization and even beyond.

This is a gentle, environmentally friendly and gradual treatment of all defects of the Soul assisting in a person reaching his maximum realization.

A pleasant opportunity on the course is non-verbal work with the environment. Everything happens without words. According to the feedback from our students: relationships with loved ones improve, long-standing affairs move forward, unfulfilled loved ones go on their own path, health problems are solved.

The course is conducted in Russian.

Your host
Nurlan Muratkali
tochka.li head and founder

Your host
Nurlan Muratkali
tochka.li head and founder

Your results after:
  • Person takes his own place in society and humanity
    • Your true purpose begins to unravel
    • You are the focal point of the world
  • Energy comes from everywhere, absorbed by every cell

    You feel better. The energy keeps on coming. The question arises: where to direct the energy now?

  • The genetically determined program is corrected

    You are freed from false behavior strategies created and not worked out in past lives

  • Human consciousness becomes extraegregorial

    • Disconnection from destructive egregorial programs and goals alien to the Soul
    • False needs and dependencies on social addictions and “dopings” disappear
  • Growing scale of thinking and needs

    There is a strong feeling that you deserve more and are capable of more

  • Regaining health

    Improving the eyesight and gradually getting rid of chronic diseases

  • Expanding the perception of time

    Time slows down and speeds up at your request

  • And so much more personal results!
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"What to do if the course had already begun? Should I join?"
Yes! All of the webinars are archived so you can re-watch them to keep up with the current progress.
Mind Corrections
This online course is conducted in Russian