16:00 (LDN)
Course Prerequisites

To access the course, you must first pass the
.live course “Energy of Purpose”,
or online course “Energy of Purpose”, part 1.

Personal egregor

Personal egregor is your personal representative in   the egregorial world (in   society).

This is an energy information assistant whose tasks include:

• Protection from  unauthorized influence of egregorial systems;

• Collection and transfer of information necessary to meet your needs;

• Building a subtle plan and establishing contacts with the right people;

• Leading you to  Destination.

Personal egregor saves time and resources.
The personal egregor works while you are busy with other things.
Your personal egregor works only for you.
Nurlan Muratkali
Creator of the tochka.li project
Course results
• Protection and representation in society
• Automatic development of connections with  the right people
• Acquiring status in the  egregorial world
• Realization of the true requests of the Soul
• Saving energy, resources and  time
• Time and energy for creativity
• Exit to Destination
• With time —a personal construct
• Life after life
You will become a supra-egregorial player.
The creator of your life in the truest sense of the word.
Over time, when your personal egregor gets stronger and grows
and gain experience, you will be able to transform it into a Construct—an energy-informational mechanism programmed
to   implement other people's requests.

When you prescribe a certain way of interacting with your Construct, it will be able to solve problems for other people.
This way you will cover the need for your scaling.
Personal Egregor
This online course is conducted in Russian
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