Be successful in the society
staying true to yourself
Be successful in the society
staying true to yourself
Nurlan Muratkali
VIP trainer and master trainer.

“My work reputation is very important for me. There is only one advertisement necessary – a hundred percent commitment to my students is my undertaking, the results of which speak for themselves. My job is to search and find less than obvious points of rapid growth in business, politics, career and health.“

Author and the head of the project
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  • Energy of Life-mission
  • Energy of Relationships
  • Energy of Generation
is an educational project. Our programs are based
on advanced scientific discoveries and achievements
in the field of energy and information technologies.
Our world consists of only 0.4% matter, 3.6% is intergalactic gas, and the remaining 96% of the Universe are the dark matter and dark energy.
We are the energetic-informational beings
with innate abilities to manage the energy. gives everyone the opportunity

to remember these innate skills and to use them in everyday life: to be successful

in society, to have unique advantages and super-results. methods will help you to:
Understand, accept and feel
your true essence
Find the power as well as the keys
to health and good fortune
Learn to manage your energy and to replenish it
Anticipate the future and control fate
Unleash the inherent capabilities
Enter a new stage of human evolution
The project
Cutting edge ideas on transformation of human consciousness.
Having worked through the most advanced ideas of humanity, we offer refined tools and techniques for practical solutions to challenges of stepping into one’s Life Mission.
You may view as a mixture between special forces and your own personal Sherpa guide. Whereas we provide you with the most reliable techniques – tried and tested by us, you still remain responsible for the outcome of your own practice.
The task of team is to be a guide
on your way of reaching the optimal outcome of your life.